Your Funny Phone Number

When I was in high school (before cell phones), my friends and I had to remember each other's phone numbers. One way that helped was if the number spelled something, using the letters underneath each digit. My number was 989-2337, but it was easier to remember as 989-BEER!

So I built this site to help find funny words within phone numbers. Check out some of the ones it's already found:

When you enter your number the site will show you the list of word combinations found in the phone number. The output looks like this:

Your Funny Phone Number Sample

The score should indicate how funny the program thinks the combination is, but hey, it's just a computer and sometimes it gets the scores wrong. But that's okay, it'll only get better.

So if you're ready to try it out, log in with your Google or Facebook account and start finding out what the funny words are in your phone number. And your friends!

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I've been working on this project for years. While the original algorithm was built in the C language for a college project, this one is built 100% with Python. The following technologies are used to provide storage, management and interface for it.

Technology Name Version
Custom Code Beta 0.3.6
Development Python 2.7
Framework Django 1.9
Deployment Ansible 2.1
Authentication allauth 0.25.2
Database MySQL 5.6.22
DNS Route53 AWS
Git Server CodeCommitAWS
Load balancer ELB AWS

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